We are an owner-managed trade fair construction company and support you in a committed and creative way
from concept to your successful trade fair appearance. We focus mainly on southern and central Germany, that
means to the exhibition locations Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. However, we are also frequently
active throughout Germany and, in principle, throughout Europe for our long-standing regular customers.


   Our very personal commitment as owners is appreciated by our customers. We believe that business
   relationships can only work with confidence. We act as managers of the company not in the background.
   We are always on site and take care of the concerns of customers. That creates trust.

   In principle, we do not award contracts to subcontractors, although this is quite common and is being practiced
   more and more often. We want to credibly convey to you that we stand by our responsibilty and do not just
   pass it on.

   Our internal communication channels are short and flexible. A very large proportion of our customers are
   long-standing regular customers, some of whom approach us with several orders or projects per year.
   Regularly our customers mention that an uncomplicated and quick coordination is important to them. This is
   always our goal and obviously successfully implemented.

   The realized stands for our customers are always very positive and at affordable prices. Compared to the
   market leaders of our industries, we always stay with the costs on the carpet. We pass on this strategically
   important cost advantage to our customers.

   It really does not matter to us how big your company or project is. Whether a small trade fair presentation or
   a large company presentation: you will always be treated as if you were our most important customer. You
   will find that we do without big promises.


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